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Gor - The Counter-Earth

A planet that people on earth heard from through the scrolls of John Norman. It is home to a whole, complex society.

A society living to the standards of honor and pride.

A society of Free Persons and slaves.

A society that values strength, morale and the ability to live a proud and honorable life.


Life is not fair on Gor, but it is rewBack to Toparding! There is no magic on Gor, only Free Persons that fight and work, living a life on a planet where the air is clean, where women are allowed to be true women, and men are allowed to be true men and kajirae (slaves) that are totally owned and exist to serve and to please

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their Masters/Misresses.


Just a few gorean words to make understanding easier:


Tal Common greeting on Gor, Mostly used by Free Persons
Ki No, not
kajira Female slave, plural:: kajirae
kajirus Male slave
Ko-lar Collar, used on Gor to mark a slave as personal property
Ahn Gorean hour - 20 Ahn form one day on Gor
Ehn Gorean minute - 40 ehn form one ahn
Ihn Gorean second - 80 ihn form one ehn
Ta-Sardar-Gor Traditional formula: To the Priest-Kings of Gor
Thassa The gorean sea
Port Kar City on Gor
Ar City on Gor
Paga Common gorean beverage, a strong fermented drink
Black wine Gorean coffee
Second slave referring to the serving of black wine, it indicates that the consumer prefers to drink it without sugar or milk
Larl A leopard like animal of Gor
Bosk An ox like animal of Gor
Sleen A 6 legged animal of Gor, resembling a furred serpentine lizard
Tarn Diant gorean bird, strong enough to carry it's rider through the air
Caste Gor uses a system of several Castes, divided into 5 High Castes and numeros lower castes.
Tarnsman Rider of a tarn
Ubar Leader of a city in war


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