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About IRC


Our Homestone can be found on Bondage.Net, #Bosk&Tarn.

And on irc.floggernet.com !!!


To connect, you will need an IRC client, such as mIRC for Microsoft Windows.

Choose for network Bondage.Net and as server: irc.bondage.com:6667


IRC, the Internet Relay Chat, is the world's largest chat system. Servers all over the world are connected to form a virtual community with thousands of separate channels and millions of users talking to each other in real time.

Within IRC exists a plenitude of single Networks, like the Undernet, The Dal Net, or, as in our case, the bondage.Net. You will have to choose which net you want to use, each having distinct characteristics.......Bondage.Net being among the technically best and most comfortable.

One ofd the worst things on IRC is the lag, which means that there are problems between different servers, which can result in a considerable delay between people on the same channel....words you type may appear on the other's screens with a delay of several minutes, which can be most annoying...


And now for the REAL thing:



This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:
Note: To set a "nickname" type it in the box next to Nickname and press enter. To join a different room, double-click on the room name on the left side. If you wish to send a private message to someone click on their name, remember to click on it again if you want to talk to everyone in the channel. To put the Java client in its own browser window, click on Float