A short guide to appropriate behaviour

in the Bosk&Tarn


Channel Rules:

No swearing in the channel

If we, the patrons of the Inn, decide to op a kajira or a kajirus, this slave is acting as an extension of our will, not on his or her own responsibility. No slave shall remain op if one patron is present, or if more than two other Free Persons are present.
Since the slave op's are acting to fulfill our wishes, if you ever should feel something is wrong, please don't argue with the slave, since she/he is not allowed to do so, but please address one of the patrons as soon as possible.

This is a NKZ, so attempts to 'kill' someone in the Inn or the kennels will never be accepted.

Only the Owner and the En'Sword of the Inn and the kennels may pass OP rights to people that are not part of the family (i.e. that are not in the database).

We want this to be friendly home for all Goreans. Rude behavior will not be tolerated, and the offender will be banned. Please remember: This is Gor - We make our rules, and our steel will enforce them!


Free Persons:

Please capitalize the first letter of your nick, so you can be identified as a Master/Mistress.

Live honor, and honor will be granted!

This is Gor...we don't speak about things happening on earth in open channel (At least we try to....).

A slave is a valuable property don't destroy or damage it. If a slave displeases you, please msg his/hger Mistress/Master, or order the slave to do so.....It doesn't show good manners to discipline the slave yourself.<-p>

Enjoy your visit to the Bosk&Tarn :)



Kajirae (Slaves):

Nicks in all lower case!

You have to beg permission to enter or to leave the Inn, if the only person present is @TarnKeeper, you may enter without begging for permission.

Treat all Free Persons with respect and show your eagerness to serve and to please

NO 'playing' or bratty behaviour will be tolerated!