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The Garden of Bosk&Tarn


Welcome to the gardens of the Bosk & Tarn. Our Home. When you enter our home you will see a door set off to the side of the main hall, near the private chambers of the Ubar and Ubara. Once you step through this door you enter our garden. Be welcome! Feel free to peruse the brilliant colors and myriad of scents and sights available.

As you exit the main living area of our home you will find yourself on a stone walkway. Tiled in an abstract pattern pleasing to the eye the path winds its way through the garden. Centering on a large pool filled with tiny brightly colored fish and lotus pads. On three sides of the pool are stone benches to rest upon and enjoy the peace and serenity offered.

The pool is shaded by several flower trees of astounding beauty with their interwoven buds of such delicate and subtle hues and shades. Some branches and vines nearly touching the calm surface of the pool. Casually draping the edged are healthy vibrantly green ferns that sway gently should a breeze ruffle through.

A stone path meanders throughout the gardens various flora and fauna, some brought back from the Ubar's many travels from the home. Some carried with Him when He built this home for His love and mate. Clover layers the ground in a soft carpet. If you should stray off the stone path you will find it extremely comfortable and springy. Quite acceptable for bare feet I assure you! Along the edge of the path we've added colored grasses to delineate the path from the clover. And for a bit of color as well.

Dotting the garden in artfull patterns of color and variety you will find the small but beautiful and colorful dina flower. Nearby the brilliant scarlet flaminium with its five large petals blooms in bunches. Occasionally you will find this exotic and bright flower floating in various bowls about the home for color. In contrast line of sunny yellow talender bloom in the clover, dotting it here and there. Almost in a sporadic pattern. If you look among the bright yellows and scarletts you will see shades of bluish veminium. Almost overwhelming in the simplistic beauty of this garden.

I trust you will find peace and a sense of complete calm here as Myself and My mate do. This garden has no set style or pattern. It is simply a garden made with love for nature and the need for a quiet place to sit and reflect upon our lives. A place to look out upon the shining faces of the three moons at night. To breathe in the sweet scents of flowers and listen to the sounds of Gor as they surround you.

Again, I welcome you to Our Home here in the Bosk & Tarn and invite you to enjoy the beauty of nature at our back door.

May the winds always be at your back.

The Ubara of the Bosk & Tarn