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Our Joining Cerermony


[09:15] <BlueTooth> Masters and Mistresses, Free of Gor! The Ubara Sareena and I welcome You to The Palace for the joining of Ragnork and Shkai`ra - a special joining indeed, dictated by love and not greed - so they need any possible support *grins merrily*
[09:15] * kryannaB_T shakes almost uncontrolably
[09:15] <Ragnork> Hear, hear!!!
[09:16] <BlueTooth> For the joining we as always use the old
Torvaldsland tradition according to the scrolls as far, they give us any help - and too we use the original joining traditions, which dates back to the earth habits once brought to Gor
[09:16] <BlueTooth> The oldest imported tradition we know of in this part of the planet was the confirmation of a joining simply by the Master's opening of the female for males, as the scrolls tell us. We have the traditions from the peasants, who added the drinking of the tasteless sul paga, in Torvaldsland never from the same vessel, but one for each part of the companionship
[09:17] <BlueTooth> The symbol of the sul paga is taken from the old thought of sul paga having divine power, as symbol of the male power,
as The Slave Girl of Gor tells, a man holds her head back and forced her to swallow a mouthful. In moments things went black and she fall unconscious. I see no better symbol for love *weg*
[09:18] <BlueTooth> kysha, bring the old clay bowl with Gor mould and grass to the Homestone and upon the same tray two bowls with sul paga and a goblet filled with ka-la-na. It is ready for you in the serving area
[09:18] <kysha{LS}> yes Master Blue Tooth
[09:19] * BlueTooth stands and smiling leads the joining couple and the guests to the Homestone
[09:19] <Ragnork> Love? Ragnork lifts the swet burden into his strong arms, and carries her over to the Homestone..
[09:20] * kysha{LS} raises, back 3 small steps and pads to the servery, silks swaying about her cuvacious form, blue eyes scan finding the tray and placing the old clay bowl upon it, turns holding the treasure close to her slave belly and returns to the Master BlueTooth
[09:20] * Shkai`ra gasps..kicking a little and then wrapping her arms
around his neck to kiss him
[09:20] <Ragnork> Carefully and tender, I place Shkai`ra to the soft, white larl fur in front of the Homestone...I love you!!!
[09:20] * kysha{LS} places the tray on the Homestone
[09:20] * Shkai`ra purrs her love..feeling the fur touch her feet..
[09:21] <BlueTooth> fahkuur, to me, at the Homestone
[09:21] <fahkuur[BT]fb> yes Master
[09:21] <Ragnork> Giving my honors to the Homestone, and to the people
that live, love and celebrate her, I sit down, in the Gorean fashion, cross-legged and proud...
[09:22] * fahkuur[BT]fb silenlty enters the main hall of the palace, hard muscles rippling beneath his tanned skin, flames of the fire reflecting in his dark eyes, firm, rounded buttocks, barely covered by a loin cloth of leopard skin is shimmering slightly in the soft light as he moves across the floor to join his Master at the homestone, long blond hair falling down over his broad shoulders, a soft smile crossing his soft lips
[09:22] * kysha{LS} steps back 3 smallpaces and stands with her hands behind her back, wrists crossed
[09:22] * BlueTooth smiles warmly as the while larl fur once more is used for a joining, looks for stains from the last time and sighs relaxed
[09:22] * Shkai`ra grumbles a few well chosen epithats, about a proud Panther kneeling for anyone in the world..looking at him sitting and waiting..love winning out as she flows down to her knees upon the furs
at the Homestone
[09:23] <Shkai`ra> Only for you do I do this Ragnork
[09:23] <Ragnork> ( love you, my Panther!!!
[09:23] * BlueTooth smiles to the kneeling Panther
[09:23] <Ragnork> And I appreciate all that lies in this gesture :)
[09:23] * kysha{LS} lifts the tray and takes it to fahkuur
[09:23] * kryannaB_T watches with tears in her eyes as her Master and Mistress join
[09:23] * fahkuur[BT]fb slides down onto his knees at the Ubars feet, shadows dancing over his muscular torso as he straightens his strong back as he parts his thighs, placing his hands upon them palms turned up
[09:24] * Shkai`ra looks upon him with great love in her eyes
the ceremony
[09:25] * Ragnork 's eyes rest on his proud and strong Panther......So much love, so much pasion....How did I ever deserve this?
[09:25] <Shkai`ra> In the wrong place at the wrong time?
[09:26] * kysha{LS} steps back 3 paces, wrists locked behind back
[09:26] * BlueTooth lifts the goblet and lets three drops of ka-la-na fall into each bowl of sul paga:
[09:26] <BlueTooth> The added wine makes the Free Companionship legal in other parts of Gor outside Torvaldsland
[09:26] * Shkai`ra purrs, looking back up at BlueTooth..all glowing grey eyes and smiling lips
[09:26] <BlueTooth> fahkuurm, the tray closer to Ragnork
[09:26] <fahkuur[BT]fb> yes Master
[09:26] <Ragnork> What a Woman!!!!!!
[09:27] * fahkuur[BT]fb slides closer to Master Ragnork, his dark eyes lowered as he hold up the tray in front of him
[09:27] <Ragnork> Thank you, fahkuur[BT]fb :)
[09:28] * Ragnork with his hand digs into the bowl and takes a handful of mould - with the other hand places grass upon the mould...
[09:28] <BlueTooth> Shkai`ra and Ragnork, today You are as new - as if You had never seen each other before
[09:28] * Ragnork extends his hand with the mould and grass to Shkai`ra, shaking lightly, but with a bright smile in his eyes...
[09:29] * Shkai`ra tilts her golden head, a smile flitting over her lips as she reaches a hand out, lightly touching his hand.. trembling fingers
[09:29] * kryannaB_T watches with tears of joy
[09:29] <BlueTooth> According to the old tradition spread all over Gor from the wagon people You'll first meet each other to confirm peace and friendship
[09:29] * Ragnork smiles at his Love....his hand extended towards her....
[09:30] <BlueTooth> You now can say from this ihn - You held me with grass and mould
[09:30] <BlueTooth> firstboy, the sul pagas
[09:31] <Ragnork> My love....your hand is so strong, and yet so soft......Like the touch of love itself!
[09:31] * fahkuur[BT]fb takes the sul pagas each with tree drops of ka-la-na, turns to Ragnork and hands the bowls to Him
[09:32] * Ragnork takes the first of the bowls and hands it to Shkai`ra....smiling brightly, eyes lit with love and devotion...
[09:32] * Shkai`ra takes the bowl, the smile chasing over her lips gleaming deep in her eyes..bringing a flush to her pale face
[09:36] * fahkuur[BT]fb hands the bowl to Master Ragnork
[09:36] * Ragnork takes the bowl, accepting it with a smile to fahkuur[BT]fb and accepting all that comes with it :)
[09:37] * Ragnork holds His bowl with sul paga over the stone, crossing His arm over Shkai`ra's, as He feeds half the sul paga to the homestone - nods Shkai`ra to do the same...with love, my Panther :)
[09:37] * Shkai`ra lifts the bowl, gently tilting it and slowly pouring half of the sul paga over the Homestone...With love My Axe Man
[09:38] * BlueTooth brightens in big smile
[09:38] <Ragnork> I swear to live in Free Companionship with my beloved Shkai`ra, never to be in front of her, but always besides her.....To protect, to love and to cherish.....We join as equals, and in our
love that is greater than anything I have ever felt before :)
[09:39] * BlueTooth feels the "tears in the throat" but pushes the chest forward and smiles knowingly to His divine Love
[09:40] <Shkai`ra> To You, My Love, Ragnork, I swear to live in Free Companionship..For all time my undying love and devotion, My loyalty and honor..For a love greater than the very winds that fanned our flames
[09:40] <Ragnork> We drink the sul paga together - Our eyes locking onto one another as the thread of binding love is created to last for at least 156 years!
[09:40] * Ragnork bends and respectfully kisses the Homestone!
[09:41] * Shkai`ra allows a crystaline tear to fall from a grey eye filled with love and devotion..
[09:41] <Ragnork> My love!!!!!
[09:41] * Shkai`ra smiles through the veil of wondrous emotion shifting over her being for this man at her side
[09:41] <Shkai`ra> My love
[09:42] <Ragnork> One life is not enough to give to you, but I am yours, with arm, heart, soul and (weak) mind....
[09:43] <Ragnork> You make me happy, you make me smile, you are the first in the morining, and the last at night....and you are all around me, giving me warmth and happiness!!!
[09:43] <Ragnork> I love you far more than I will ever have words to say :)))
[09:43] * Shkai`ra bites back a retort and just kisses him gently, the bowl falling from her fingers to lie before her..Hush my love..I think it's BlueTooth's turn to talk
[09:43] * BlueTooth lets them linger in there love for an ihn or too, then remembers they have 156 to fulfill....
[09:44] * Ragnork bends....this time to his love....Meeting her lips with his, not ashame of the salty tears, that burn in his eyes....and happíer than ever on his life!!!
[09:44] <BlueTooth> But not 156 uears for you to bring back the tray to the serving area, fahkuur
[09:44] * fahkuur[BT]fb grins
[09:44] <Ragnork> :)))))
[09:44] <BlueTooth> beware of the old clay bow, whe hope for many joinings
[09:44] <fahkuur[BT]fb> no Master
09:45] * Shkai`ra whispers.. I am Yours, You are Mine
[09:45] * BlueTooth brings forward his scroll ready for the speach of love
09:45] * BlueTooth has problems to read his Ubara's words
[09:46] <BlueTooth> We travel along the path of our life, making friends, being with family, living life to the fullest..If we are blessed, one day we meet another that brings such joy and love to our life. They make our heart flutter with their presence. We know then we want to spend
Our lives together..And with this, we share the joy with those special to Us this day
[09:46] <BlueTooth> And now again, ka-la-na and ale for all, on the house, slaves fil up goblets and tankards
[09:46] * Shkai`ra offers up a smile to BlueTooth and Sar
[09:46] * BlueTooth from behind hugs the new joined couple
09:47] * Sareena huggss both Ragnork and Shkai`ra tightly
[09:47] * Shkai`ra purrs, her hand finding Ragnork's and squeezing
[09:47] * Ragnork listens to BlueTooth, respecting and honoring a man, that has so much to share, and who gave him such great a gift with this ceremony!
[09:47] <BlueTooth> congratulations, Ragnork and Shkai`ra
[09:47] * Ragnork smiles brightly......sooo brightly!
[09:47] -> *LrdSorcer* yes yes :)
[09:47] <lil^bytch> congrats Master and Mistress
[09:48] <KnightSky> congrats to you both..
[09:48] <Sareena> Congratulations to both of You!!
[09:48] <Mogens> Congratulations May thr gods look after both of you
[09:48] * Ravenwood claps his hand to his left shoulder loudly
[09:48] * LrdSorcer rises and floats to the happy couple -- Congrtulations :))
[09:48] <Ragnork> Thank you, Sareena....thank you for everything!!!
[09:48] * Shkai`ra blushes, thinking she's gonna look really old in 156 years
[09:48] <Ravenwood> Congratulations you two
[09:48] <faiga{B_T}> smiles at Mistress
[09:48] * lil^bytch she hopes the sky shall honor your love, the ground shall bless your hearts and the air rejoin your spirits Master and Mistress
[09:49] * kryannaB_T smiles at Mistress
[09:49] <BlueTooth> Panthers lives nine times too
[09:49] <Peel2> Congrats you two :))
[09:49] * kysha{LS} smiles to them both
[09:49] * LrdSorcer thinks another ceremony in 156 yrs would be lots of fun!! :))
[09:49] * Ragnork smiles at all the guests......It is an honor, and a pleasure to see all of you here...Thank you SO much for coming and please, celebrate!!!!!
[09:49] <Shkai`ra> thank you both
[09:49] <Ragnork> Love?
[09:49] <Sareena> Greetings KnightSky
[09:49] <Shkai`ra> thank you all for joining us
[09:49] <Sareena> yes?
[09:49] <Shkai`ra> yes?
[09:49] <Sareena> lol
[09:49] <KnightSky> Greetings Sareena..
[09:49] <Ragnork> I have a little something for you....
[09:50] * BlueTooth grins merrily
[09:50] <Shkai`ra> Is this going to embarass me?
[09:50] <jade{KsR}> Congratulations Master Ragnork and Mistress Shkai`ra
[09:50] * LrdSorcer glides to stand before Ravenwood and smiles - TAl :) havent seen you in a while
[09:50] <jade{KsR}> jade is so glad to have been able to come
[09:50] * Shkai`ra sets back, off her knees and assuming her customary seating
[09:51] <Shkai`ra> I am never going to kneel again for the rest of my days
[09:51] * Ragnork opens a bundle.....which contains a set of seven Quivas....the ones used in Ar, not too big.....brightly polished, a Boisk and a Tarn etched into the blades, the handles of bone polished, and with a Panther etched into them.....
[09:51] * Sareena grins to Shkai`ra
[09:51] * BlueTooth grins to Shkai`ra
[09:51] * fahkuur[BT]fb put the tray on the counter his hard body tensing as he turns and opens the door to the cool room, nipples hardening on
his firm chest as the cool air hits against his bare skin as he leans inside, taking out some more bottles of chilled ka-la-na
[09:51] * Shkai`ra purrrrrrss .. more weapons
[09:51] <Ragnork> I knew that weapons were the thing for you, my love!!!
[09:51] <BlueTooth> good you came, kryanna *smiles warmly*
[09:52] * Shkai`ra takes one from the bundle, weighting it in her palm..stroking the blade with the tip of a finger.. a wide smile on her lips
[09:52] <Shkai`ra> Thank you love
[09:52] <Shkai`ra> perrrrrrrfect
[09:52] <Ragnork> May they allows protect you, and never fail you, as I promise to do!!!
[09:52] * Shkai`ra looks into his eyes
[09:52] <Shkai`ra> I have something for you .
[09:52] * Ragnork smiles.....
[09:53] * BlueTooth looks curiously to Shkai`ra
[09:53] * fahkuur[BT]fb throws his hair back his dark eyes sparkling as he closes the door behind him, placing the bottles on a tray after opening them with his strong teeth, liftin the tray, hard muscles playing as he turns and moves back into the main hall
[09:54] * Shkai`ra reaches into her pocket and pulls forth a clear lucid stone on a leather thong..the stone carved with a prowling panther, the 'S' clear on its belly..lifting it up and gently placing it around his neck with a kiss
[09:54] * BlueTooth smiles prasingly to kysha for her help
[09:54] <Shkai`ra> The stone of faith my love..for the faith you gave me to believe again..for the faith I have in you
[09:54] <Ragnork> My love!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:54] * fahkuur[BT]fb moves silently around the hall, shadows dancing over his strong body as he puts out fresh bottles of the ka-la-na on the tables, picking up the empty ones at the same time
[09:54] <Ragnork> Thank you, my love!!!!!!
[09:55] <Shkai`ra> For the faith to love and be loved
[09:55] * Ragnork kisses you....just can't stop....
[09:55] * Shkai`ra smiles shyly..covered in kisses
[09:55] <Ragnork> :)))))))))))))))