About Gor
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The people
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The way we live

We love Gor!

We love it the way the scrolls describe it - not some IRC Gor, not modified, not 'enhanced'........just the real thing!


If you agree to this approach: Be welcome!

If you want to learn: Be welcome!

If you think you know better: Don't bother to visit us!!


Rules for Free:

o This is our home! We have the last saying. Period.

o Be polite, rudness may suit you in a tavern, but not as a guest in our home.

o NO pm without asking in channel!

o Restrictions impossed by owners have to be followed strictly.

o All slaves within our home are free for the serving of food or drink . Any other requests must be stated to an Op who will give the slave permission

o Do not abuse other's property


Rules for slaves:

o No karta - No entry

o Be respectful at ALL times

o If you want to observe, ask for permission, and add OBS after your nick

o Greet the Free and the slaves

o If you need to tend to r/l, mark yourself as afk (If NOT an emergency: Ask for permission)

o Greet and talk freely - But do not forget your position

o During a serve, you are not allowed to greet, after you have finished, you may ask for permission to do so.




Honor is the one word that stands far above all others.....Rather take our lifes, than take our honor!