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Masters/ Mistresses of the #Bosk&Tarn



Founder and owner of the Bosk&Tarn. A man of honor and pride - A true gorean Male from Torvaldsland, proud Free Companion of his wonderful Mahamari and owner of dayita{YR}!

A strong and proud Panther!

You do not want to mess with her...

The proud Companion of YamaRaja..In love, honor and loyalty she stands by his side.

She is not only the owner of YamaRaja's heart, but also of Mount Panther, the giant pile of furs in our living room :)




Always a smile on his face and a joke on his lips .... Most popular with the women of Gor ... but rather not try to get to see the other side of him!

En'Sword of our home, protector of honor and pride!

WyldFae of Panthea
Strong, beautiful, a Panther that fears nothing in life but her own wrath!

A real man. Full of wisdom and knowledge, kind at heart and strong at arms - A wise man and a true Gorean!

Always travelling, he knows many of the secrets and wonders of Gor....

Honor, integrity and pride are more than words, they are LIFE itself!



kajirae/kajirii of the #Bosl&Tarn

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